2023.07.19 - Community Call Third Wednesday of Each Month @ 9 am Pacific Time

GOAT Monthly Community Call, 19 July 2023

Date: July 19, 2023
Time: 9am PT, 12pm ET
Meeting Link: Social Co-op GOAT Gatherings room .
Calendar: Calendar – GOAT


  1. GOAT 2024
    • Any updates here?
  2. Proposal: GOAT Conveners
  3. Should we start an awesome-goat repo on the GOAT GitHub?


Meeting notes

  • Intros etc
  • Ankita: GOAT 2024
    • Screenshare: “Building a GOAT” document
    • Opening discussions with potential funders
      • We’re ooking at an ask of roughly $75k USD for the coming year’s conference and other activities in the meantime, particularly funding the organizers’ work
      • Short-term funding comes first, primarily for GOAT 2024 and Year 1, but then we can start to look at the longer term, for Years 2 - 5.
    • As our 3rd large conference to date, we have have a few main goals in mind:
      1. Begin with a clear sense of action: What form of governance do we want for GOAT?
        • COVID put the brakes on these discussion in the last few days of GOAT 2022
        • Can we pick up where we left off then and hit the ground running in 2024?
        • Can we come away with a completed “manifesto” like we had hoped for in 2022?
      2. At the same time, create more space for “doing” (eg, hackathons, but cooler)
        • Make sure people can take away action items or projects already underway by the end of the conference
      3. Being more inclusive in both the conference and the organizers’ ranks
      4. Find an alternative to Omega in Rhinebeck, somewhere easier to reach by transit
    • Will post full notes on the forum after this call
    • Questions?
      • Keren (chat): is there a set weekend/month for the next convening?
      • Kita: nope, omega gave us their “off-season” dates to pick from, but ideally we’d be able to do this in the winter when it’s the off-season for agriculture.
  • Jamie: Conveners proposal
  • Lai: How to get plugged into happenings and projects within GOAT?
    • Website fixes and improvements:
      • Chat room is still referred to as Riot, better to say Matrix
      • Link to the Matrix room (in the header) doesn’t work and needs updating
      • Can someone start a forum post to identify other potential improvements to site and general outreach/messaging?
    • Autonomic has been working on Cool Farm Tool and looking to extend that work
      • issues with connectivity for a lot of mobile farm software
      • difficulty getting these tools into people’s hands
      • possibly due to users’ apprehensions around vendor lock-in
      • also just connecting devs/farms/researchers/etc with each other and with the right folks who can help
  • Jamie: I can put together the awesome-goat repo at least as a starter towards that last point
  • Greg: In response to Lai’s points
    • interop is a known need, but it’s hard and slow to get set up unless you have the resources of a John Deere
    • Our Sci is working with Ag Gateway (in the US at least) to do a lot of interop with their soil testing standards, they adopted MODUS for their tests
    • the other thing that can be contributed to is to have more general API’s that aren’t as specific to one user scenario
    • working with farmOS so far as a more general standard
  • Keren: updates on her current research in Argentina for PhD.
    • getting lay of the land of who’s working on ag-tech down there, as well as the general political economy for agriculture
    • initially met with conventional soy farmers working a lot for expert
    • meeting more now w/ agroecology practitioners
    • difficulty keeping a project going in a time of so much political and economic uncertainty
    • there are some state-funded researchers thinking very critically about tech and innovative solutions, their pros and cons
    • eg: no-/lo-till has been packaged w/ heavy industrial ag production, not necessarily the intended effects when introduced years ago

Public Chat

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[12:12] Lai (they/she): are we taking minutes?
[12:12] Jamie (he/him): oh, I am
[12:12] Jamie (he/him): oh even better
[12:12] Jamie (he/him): also realize I shared this in the wrong chat:
2023.07.19 - Community Call Third Wednesday of Each Month @ 9 am Pacific Time
[12:17] Keren Reichler: is there a set weekend/month for the next convening?
[12:18] Keren Reichler: cool, thanks!
[12:21] Jamie (he/him): Proposal: GOAT Conveners
[12:26] Vic S-F (they/them): It seems small when you’re doing it but it’s huge in aggregate! thanks for being the champion for that piece
[12:28] Jamie (he/him): and as an example, this is “awesome-tauri”:
GitHub - tauri-apps/awesome-tauri: 🚀 Awesome Tauri Apps, Plugins and Resources
[12:29] Ankita: Resilient Food & Tech Library – Informatics for Community Food Resilience
[12:30] Jamie (he/him): I like the idea of knowing projects that people are workin on who are active in GOAT
[12:31] Jamie (he/him): and sorry to put you on the spot!
[12:31] Ankita: I’ll have to jump off right now friends - I had a halftime conflict today! I’ll post on goatforum for goat2024 sooooooon. Hope you all have an awesome day! See you on the internet!
[12:32] Calix~they|them~Autonomic: https://goatech.org/
[12:41] Jamie (he/him): Greg’s org (Vic too):
[12:44] Jamie (he/him): Open Collective - Make your community sustainable. Collect and spend money transparently.
[12:46] Keren Reichler: do goats herd cats?
[12:46] Jamie (he/him): or vice versa?
[12:49] Keren Reichler: sure happy to
[12:49] Jamie (he/him): Main artifact from GOAT coop discussions earlier this year:
Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration
Coop forum discussion:
What do we want to cooperate on?
[12:51] Lai (they/she): there’s a big tech co-op scene in Argentina https://facttic.org.ar/
[12:51] Lai (they/she): we’ve met a few folks from that federation IRL
[12:54] Keren Reichler: thank you!
[12:54] Lai (they/she): https://patio.coop/
[12:54] greg: That’s super cool
[12:55] Keren Reichler: what’s his last name?
[12:56] Jamie (he/him): Octavio
[12:56] Vic S-F (they/them): I’m going to tell him you called him a super nerd :wink:
[12:59] Jamie (he/him): Keren, would you be wiling to “plant that seed” on the forum?
[12:59] Keren Reichler: yes please! thank you!!
[12:59] Keren Reichler: sure jaime
[12:59] Keren Reichler: thank you all! super helpful :slight_smile: (thanks for putting me on the spot Jaime :))
[12:59] Lai (they/she): if anyone wants to contact us
[13:00] Lai (they/she): or on Matrix