What do we want to cooperate on?

As a follow-up to the March Community Call, we’ll be meeting again on 2023-03-27T17:00:00Z to discuss the tangible applications, benefits and outcomes that members of the GOAT community want to pursue through cooperative efforts. We can use the regular BBB meeting space, unless there’s another preference:

We already have some ideas, as recorded in the Miro board and elsewhere, and they cover a lot of territory. So one way I’m thinking we might proceed is to try to sketch out some broad areas of interest (eg, peer learning, business admin, conferences & events, etc), then focus on those areas where people, who are present for the meeting, would actually show up to do the work and want to reap the rewards. We could go into breakout rooms to explore those areas of interest separately, or discuss them as a larger group, or any other exercises that might be fruitful. Open to totally different approaches too.

I also want to put out a call for anyone who may be interested in facilitating or helping to coordinate the discussion, regardless of whether you’re new to GOAT or coops or anything like that, to take the reins on this one, or reach out reach out separately if you want to get more involved some other way.

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