2023.05.17 - Community Call - Third Wednesday of Each Month @ 9 am Pacific Time

GOAT Monthly Community Call, 17 May 2023

Date: May 17, 2023
Time: 9am PT, 12pm ET
Meeting Link: Social Co-op GOAT Gatherings room .
Calendar: Calendar – GOAT


  1. NSF POSE community grant mapping activity led by @sudokita to identify common challenge areas, needs, and functions to foster an ecosystem for open knowledge to support regenerative agriculture, resilient communities, and the nurture of diverse ecosystems. If you’d like to join the conversation please indicate your interest on this forum thread. Once we identify common areas, @sudokita will reach out to invite participants to contribute to a collective and targeted proposal effort. Proposal is due sep17 and the content will be based on shared needs, objectives, and goals for the next couple of years.

  2. Co-ops continue (see forum for ongoing communication)

    • Folks met on May 01 and discussed models suitable for GOAT, our personal experiences in governance structures, and much more. See notes here.
    • Next meeting is this Friday, May 19 @ 1 PM Pacific (4 PM Eastern). Find us on Social Co-op GOAT Gathering room.
  3. Call for next month’s Calendar of Events!

    • We’ll add it to the GOAT calendar for you. Think of it later or not joining? You can post on the forum and @ one of the active folks in the thread.
  4. Report out on Watch Series: “All watched over by machines of loving grace”

    • What were people’s thoughts
      • Episode 2 was the main thrust of why Jamie brought this to GOAT
    • If we missed it, how can we watch it ourselves?
      • Vimeo! Its a bbc production. Check out the forum post that has the viemo links.


Daniel Friedman
David Witzel
Day Waterbury
Elizabeth Vaughan, CA
Forrist Lytehaause
Gopi Mattel
Jamie (he/him)
Juliet (she/her)
Laurie - OFNUSA
Michael Grossman
Miguel Ochoa (UC Berkeley)

Next call agenda:
NEXT GOAT when, where.