GOAT Traveling Conference Box - A megathread

TBD content, but I’d like to propose that we use this space to inventory the GOAT box, track items and travel, and link to the revelant spreadsheets so no one has to hunt :slight_smile:

Drive folder here to start: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1u6YvEd6RJqBIkDRvrqIXOBmS7OG3l8A0


Given that the cardboard box is busted, does anybody have a suggestion for a longer-term solution?

How about a reusable tub or suitcase of some sort?! Wheels might be nice.

I have some spare large rolly suitcases (#immigrantlife) that I’m happy to donate if you want to me to transition to that the next time we send it?

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Hey yall, quick audit as the Summer looms over us – who’s got the (two?) GOAT box(es) currently? Last I saw we left the Eastern one in @gbathree 's trusty hands after Pasa in February – do you still have it? How about the western one-- @julietnpn ?

I have the Western box contents.