Going to this? Maybe should GOAT booth it?

Definitely relevant to some of the tools in the community, especially those working with many farms. I’d be interested for someone to go - anyone interested?

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Our Sci is willing to send someone and cover the logistics of getting there. We were told this conference is often attended by farmer partner organizations. Would others be willing to help cover the cost to exhibit as a GOAT booth? The cost for a booth is $500 and it includes 1 registration.
@sudokita @mstenta @kcussen @laurieWayne @sezuco???

I am interested to join this conference, as I work with a lot of farmers group nation wide based on Nepal. Since I am currently working as Project Coordinator of Farmer-to-farmer project supported by USAID, I think this platform can widen my insights on new technology emerging in the agriculture sector. It would be great if you guys could let me know about the possibilities.

Hi @suprava welcome to GOAT! Dan from Our Sci will be going to the conference. I believe he is still looking for funding help for the booth cost. Do you plan to go to the conference as well?