2024.04.17 GOAT Community Call

GOAT Monthly Community Call, April 2024

Date: April 17, 2024
Time: 9am PT, 12pm ET
Meeting Link: Social Co-op GOAT Gatherings room .
Calendar: Calendar – GOAT


  1. Welcome Semra Fetahovic, GOAT’s Community Organizer
  2. Call for participation on the GOAT 2024 Organizing Committee
  3. Administration of Open Collective
  4. Highlighted Posts on the Forum:
  5. Other updates and conversations
    • Zines
    • Growing the GOAT community with job opportunities - inventory places GOAT orgs can post jobs


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Hey all, unfortunately I can’t make the call today. But welcome Semra!! :raised_hands:

One thing to mention is an update from GOAT Open Collective, it’s nearly ready to be used! @AmberS and I are working through the last steps of the process to get people paid out from the CAFF event. This is reminding me that we should figure out a strategy for administering these things in OC - basically, we need some people to serve as admins and approve things, keep us in check, etc as needed. 2024 CAFF Small Farm Tech Expo - Open Collective

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=-098765432 -`Shared notes here!


Welcome Semra Fetahovic, GOAT’s Community Organizer

Call for participation on the GOAT 2024 Organizing Committee

Administration of Open Collective

Where to GOAT 2024

Highlighted Posts on the Forum:

National Farm Viability Conference 1

Farm Hack Revival 1

National Ag Producers Data Cooperative (NAPDC) Webinar on April 22nd 1

BOOK CLUB (Jamie is putting together a proposal for a biweekly-ish schedule to meet and discuss selected readings)

Other updates and conversations


Growing the GOAT community with job opportunities - inventory places GOAT orgs can post jobs


Semra (community organizer)
- Light needs assessment
- Conferece

Conference Organizing:
- Juliet: yes, no MC, yes on administrative support, data management
- Jamie: can’t commit too much to a general role in organizing, but could take on target aspects, particularly a good chunk of admin, if it’s well defined (contained), also silly tasks
- Vic: some support around final weeks, happy to do some facilitation, and logistics. Planning on going. Last intue things.
- Amber: unsure of capacity to support, Skills: logistics and administrative is good, and good in front of an audience.
- River: wants to go to GOAT, wants to help where there is room for help, time is freeing up a little bit, admin support.
- Ankita: has capacity to get an intern for GOAT. Open to facilitate at conference.
- Anna: in person facilitation support, run of show type of stuff. Facilitate documentaiton processes. unconference planning
- Greg: Happy to run, take on support in all the
- Pierre-Luc: wants to get onboarded to the community first.

Open Collective:
- You have to understand what is intended and budget
- Mistakes, complex situations
- Interim Treasurer Role: Greg
- Back ups: Paul and Juliet
- SOP generation: Paul and Greg
- New comer will test and iterate
- Greg has doucmented transition process.
- Need two people so we’re not approving our own expense.

Conference venue:
- 100 people
- Co-located on a farm or near/connected to a agricultural landscape.
- Stuffing 100 people into a space like that.
- Paicines’s schedule is pretty full
- Proxomity to participants (all of North America)
- Facilities (open spaces, some AV, decent internet)
- Accomodation on site for adhoc conversations, food, etc
- Semra to start looking at venues on our sheet.
- 5 days is a good amount of time

National farm vaiability conference - Eastern Conference Box:
- OUT of farmOS stickers
- NEED GOAT stickers
- Juliet send stickers to DAN
- Who is going to support financially? OurSci is paying for it all.
- Need to streamline decision making on when to go to conferences and who will be supporting the financial costs.
- Greg, Amber, Paul, Juliet to create SOP for using

Book club:

  • Looks like monthly or so book club.
  • Let Jamie know if you’re interested on the forum
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