BOOK CLUB: What are you reading this Summer?

Prompted by a thread in the OpenTEAM slack channel, I’m interested in what the community is reading at the moment (outside of or adjacent to work).

tell me yours! also podcasts, movies, albums, or cool birds you’ve communed with welcome.


Yes, Parable of the Sower is very inspiring!

I’m also reading Hyperion (just regular old sci fi)… but I feel that in our age where AI is beginning to be reality (and maybe soon after AGI), it’s always interesting to read Sci Fi that has thoughtful and concrete takes on where it ends up. Hyperion does that, so does Ian M Bank’s Culture series.


OMG, I’m there for this! Leaning toward Team Malm, but was chatting w/ @laurieWayne the other day about the invisible effects of climate grief on the collective unconscious and was firmly in the latter camp at that moment.

I’m in the middle of too many books right now, but highlights include Caliban and the Witch by Sylvia Federici, The Accursed Share by Georges Bataille, the above metioned Code of Capital, and this rad lil’ palm sized reader:

But maybe I still have bandwidth to add Andreas Malm to the mix???


I just finished The Ministry for the Future


Thanks everyone for this inspiring list to explore during a mid day crisis of meaning : ) Just listened to the conversation between Ladha, Murphy and Bolier - ordering their book now!

Not really reading - more photos than writing - but thumbing my way through regularly: Lo-TEK: Design by Radical Indigenism.

Slowly making my way through Graeber and Wengrew’s Dawn of Everything. Just finished Pema Chodron’s The Places That Scare You. I recommend anything by Pema, including random youtube talks.

Listening incessantly to Fred Again… and Brian Eno’s latest offering when I am not listening to Fred Again’s last album :slight_smile: Which should answer whether I am on team pipeline or team how to die in the Anthropocene.


One from Dorn today when chatting about resources for tomorrow’s FAIR Tech Registry Collabathon

The Intention Economy by Doc Searls


I feel like I’m 20+ years late to the party on this one, but are other folks familiar with Vandana Shiva’s Biopiracy: the plunder of nature and knowledge? It’s from 1997, though I think some material even predates that, but golly! It seems way far ahead of its time, particularly the level of nuance and intersectionality she brings to the issues of IP rights and globalization.

I finally came across it while drafting an article that discusses one of our sessions from GOAT 2022, and I intend to reference it. Also gonna use this chance to quietly solicit feedback on that article, if anyone cares to volunteer. It’s taken me waaaaay to long to write and not sure how I feel about it. :grimacing:

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I was asked to review Chris Smaje’s Saying NO to a Farm Free Future
and to do that I had to check out Goerge Monbiot’s Regenisis and too many articles/social media battles debating the virtues and horrors of Ecomodernism. Here is a my short review (forthcoming in Maine’s Og farming magazine MOF&G) for anyone interested.


I went to a reading group yesterday that was discussing Tiziana Terranova’s After the Internet: Digital Networks between Capital and the Common. It was quite thought-provoking, to say the least!


oh man, i’m making a new course so my reading list has been blowing up again…

The whale and the reactor
The practitioners guide to graph data
Ways of being
Speculative Everything
The wealth of networks

are the ones that are currently on my desk lol…

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