2023.08.16. Community Call Third Wednesday of Each Month @ 9 am Pacific Time

GOAT Monthly Community Call, 16 August 2023

Date: August 16, 2023
Time: 9am PT, 12pm ET
Meeting Link: Social Co-op GOAT Gatherings room .
Calendar: Calendar – GOAT


  1. GOAT 2024
  2. Summer Reading


juliet, amber, anna, nat, vic, greg, jamie, laurie


  • Review last meetings notes
  • Positions for GOAT - Look to GOSH: GOSH 2022 - Core Team Potential Volunteers - GOSH 2022 - GOSH Community Forum
  • Wolfe’s Neck / OpenTEAM Center as a potential location?
  • Ann Arbor, MI as a potential location?
    • Maker-works - work share space with tools, etc. (the reason that Greg lives here)
    • Opportunities for working with small diversified farmers
    • A great opportunity to engage people in hardware.
    • camping season: May-September
  • Elizabeth from CAFF has offered her farm.
    • Camping on grounds
    • Camping season:
  • IF CAMPING: showers and bathroom access is essential.
  • Ankita had some extensive notes based on last meeting that she said she’d share. Lets get those from her.


  • Community Call: Juliet
  • Calendar Coordination: Paul
  • Social media communications: __________
  • Physical meet-up locations: Anna
  • Inventory of conference / events with demo opportunity: Vic
  • Conference box coordinator: Vic
  • Pasa convener: Nat (temporarily from OpenTEAM, intending to hand off because will likely not go)
  • Eco Farm convener: Laurie + Anna as apprentice

One more thought on the social media part, do we really need someone for that? If we’re talking about Twitter/Facebook, I say no. Or if we’re talking about Matrix/Signal/Discourse, maybe we can clarify that as “chat/comms” b/c that seems like a much lighter lift.


Is all social media good or bad???
  • Yes
  • No
  • This poll is a liar.

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Just throwing that in there to demonstrate how polls work because we talked about them. There’s actual documentation, if anyone cares to go deeper, or you can check out how we regularly use these on the farmOS forum:

And finally, just for funsies…

…I just created a @conveners group for all the folks listed here. If it’s annoying anyone can leave the group or we can delete/archive it if its not helpful. I made Juliet an owner along with myself, and anyone should be allowed to join as a member, too, so it’s just honor system for now I guess.

I cant vote in that poll Jamie… am I supposed to be able to click “Yes” or “No”?

Yea, I think I broke it somehow, haha. It might have to do with the min/max options I selected, trying to be clever. This is raw markdown the poll generator originally gave me, though I’ve tried editing it a few times since to no avail:

[poll type=multiple results=always min=2 max=3 public=true chartType=bar groups=trust_level_1 close=2023-09-13T16:45:00.000Z]
# Is all social media good or bad???
* Yes
* No
* This poll is a liar.

So maybe the outcome of this poll is: Let’s not use Discourse polls for community governance.


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