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I’m André Rocha (@steam228) from Portugal, currently living in a small village near the Atlantic (approx 100km north of lisbon) and working as a professor at the Polytechnic of Lisbon. As a designer and design professor, I’ve been interested in open and distributed design when applied to several areas. Over the last ten years, I’ve been especially interested in the different faces of what is or can be Open Source Agriculture and how it can contribute and be disseminated among more traditional smallholder farming communities. My PhD process started through a more tech-centric approach (and I’m still very interested in all open-source hardware) and is approaching the end by looking at a more cultural (autoethnographic) perspective.
Long story short, I’ve investigated (and played with) many sensor networks / IoT tech, and I’m interested in doing so. Still, I’m mainly interested in your take (projects, references, etc.) on how this can overcome the resistance of “traditional” aged farming communities and how it can impact digital/technological literacy among them



Hello Everyone, Nice to meet with you all, I am a fullstackdev, having 20+ years of experience.


I’m Thomas Hoy from Philadelphia. I will be graduating from Arcadia University with a bachelors degree in Computer Science and a minor in Food Studies & Environmental Sustainability. I have interests in open-source projects and currently working on an automated plant care system for my senior capstone project. (GitHub - TheThomasHoy/Osmo: Osmo is an autonomous and modular plant care system equipped with sensors and powered by Raspberry Pi.). When I am not at school I work as a cook and farm hand for a restaurant/farm based in Pennsylvania. As someone who is entering the work force I am open to any and all job recommendations in the cross-disciplines of agriculture, food, and technology.



Hello, my name is Mike Brunt, I was born in the UK and now live in Eugene OR, USA via New Zealand. It was just after IBM released the PC that I became avidly interested in technology and got more deeply involved as the Web emerged.

In 2014 I passed a Permaculture Design Course attaining a PDC and prior to this, in my time in New Zealand I had become very involved in regenerative horticulture. In 2015 I became very interested in blockchain technologies, with the emergence of Ethereum, in fact.

Currently I have three main projects, one in particular, THEDAOScape just released an MVP app which is a community DAO (distributed autonomous organization) and I wondered if anyone else here is doing work on DAO’s?

There is more information here on this here.


Hello, my name is Luciano Delfino. I greet you from the city of Santa Fe, Argentina.

I am increasingly passionate about spaces, movements, and initiatives that aim to create diverse shared networks that generate synergies to transform what exists into more loving, harmonious, diverse, participatory, creative, democratic, and equitable versions.

That’s why I’m here introducing myself to the community!

On my part, I am recently discovering and harnessing my entrepreneurial qualities by driving a project called NUoMI. It is connected to the open-source/hardware movement, urban agriculture, agroecology, and regeneration. It is strongly linked to creating spaces to promote STEAM/STEM education, “family” urban gardens, exchange spaces, among others.

We are in an initial stage, shaping various aspects of the project as much as we can.

I hope we continue to promote these spaces and initiatives.

My contact information is:

A warm embrace!

Version Español:

Hola, me llamo Luciano Delfino. Les saludo desde la ciudad de Santa Fe, Argentina.

Me apasionan cada vez mas espacios, movimientos e iniciativas que se orientan a generar redes compartidas diversas que crean sinergias para transformar lo que existen en versiones mas amorosas, armónicas, diversas, participativas, creativas, democráticas y equitativas.

Por eso estoy aquí presentándome ante la comunidad!

Por mi parte, estoy recientemente descubriendo y explotando mis cualidades emprendedoras impulsando un proyecto llamado NUoMI. Vinculado al movimiento open source/hardware, agricultura urbana, agroecológica y regenerativa. Fuertemente vinculado con generar espacios para fomentar la educación STEAM/STEM, huertas “familiares” urbanas, espacios de intercambio, entre otras.

Estamos en una etapa inicial dando forma a varios aspectos del proyecto en la medida en que podemos.

Deseo que sigamos impulsando estos espacios e iniciativas.

Mis datos de contacto son:

Un fuerte abrazo!


I’m Andrew, I was born on, the very agrarian, Prince Edward Island in Atlantic Canada, but didn’t grow up with an interest in farming…

I went to Uni for Mechatronics Eng but left in my last semester for personal reasons. I did complete a Technology Management and Entrepreneurship diploma prior to quitting. After some design work and a stint coordinating at a Makerspace, I spent the past five years building and running a small-scale cutflower farm and florist business with my partner. With bootstrapping and homesteading we were able to live off of only the income the two of us generated on-farm (with the dubious help of a local teen that probably cost more than he helped). We reluctantly had to sell our farm despite it’s success, and are on a soul-searching journey that has me living in Italy at the moment. I had hoped to see more of the local farming methods and tools but connections have proved hard to make. So, here I am on the internet…

Between my engineering background and adult ADHD my farming life was an unfiltered fountain of ideas and experiments. I’m very interested in permaculture ideology and abhor the modern world of industrial agriculture where chemical companies, equipment manufactures, and banks trap farmers in a viscous cycle of debt and dependance. Through my baptism-by-fire market gardening experience I was often disappointed by the ignorance and greed present in that sector. I believe we have undermined our collective agrIQ™ by discouraging a whole generation of innovators that farming is beneath them. Farmers used to be the best engineers and innovators around! Now, companies are cropping up all over to peddle simple, homemade solutions to unsuspecting growers. The great Eliot Coleman made his legacy teaching growers to make their own tools on public television! Now, his ideas are sold (for large profit) as finished tools despite still being made of prototyping materials. (see the Tilther *drill not included, or this)

It has been some years since I saw the electric AC model G on pinterest and I am amazed it has taken me this long to find this community! I am head over heels for the simple beauty of the original G, and believe that size of tractor fills a huge niche in market gardening (as evidenced by the popularity of the BCS). I would say my biggest passion lies in that area and the promotion of ‘village-scale’ agriculture through reviving and adapting Victorian-style inventions to mitigate the energy and investment required to produce food.

In general though, I have a broad area of interests and will be more than happy to collaborate on all sorts of ideas and projects. As someone currently unemployed, and who knows that farming is an impossible way to make a living, I find myself sometimes torn in the intellectual property/open source debate. However, it is a strange world we live in and practical skills are so few, that it seems (as in the case of Eliot Coleman’s ideas) that revealing a design does not prevent the manufacturing of it form profiting. Also, (especially in IT) the patent system is so slow and flimsy that the best way to maintain a profitable position is to keep innovating.

So, let’s do that together!


Hi Everyone!

I’m Rosia, a robotics student at an agricultural university in Wales. I’m wanting to get into local, small scale, open source farming automation and I feel like coming from the software development side its worth me trying to learn more about the other sides of farming. When researching I found GOAT and this feels like the perfect place for me to learn and see whats going on!

I’ve been to one or two meetings for various groups here but thats about it, I’m hoping to be a bit more active on this forum,

Hopefully chat to you all soon!


Who you are

I am Matthew Fitzgerald. I am a farmer, organizer, and entrepreneur focused on building sustainable businesses. I’m focused on beginning farmers and helping other farmers (conventional/chemical) make the transition to organic/ReGen practices. I’m urgently focused broad acres solutions as that is my paradigm in the Midwest.

What you do
I raise organic grains in Central Minnesota (corn, soy, wheat, pea, edible beans, hemp, etc.) I am building a mobile app tool that will help organic farmers raise bigger yields, make annual USDA certification (required) easier and bring organization to a management-intensive farm niche.

I need some help! I am not a developer and currently have a MVP. Seeking some technical programming skills to get the project across the finish line (Est. Spring 2024). I am presenting the concept at a few organic conferences this winter with the plan to get it in front of beta farmers by spring 2024.

What projects you work on, what skills/tools/resources you can bring to GOAT

I can share my perspective as a farmer - with a Midwest/Grain/Organic lens. I am working on an app for my community and bootstrapping it at the moment. Seeking collaborators and wisdom.

Why openness in ag is important to you.

I am a believer in cooperative efforts (it is how farmers survive!). I want to fight monopolies and consolidation in grain farms. Building a model for a new way that focuses on climate resiliency and stewardship.


Who you are - Pierre-Luc Gélineau
Québecer transplanted at the foot of the Adirondacks near lake Champlain. Lifelong learner with special interests in technology/science/Data analytics/M4.0, agriculture/nature/climate change and business.

What you do
Electrical Engineer - Mostly around Power, Automation, Mechatronics, Manufacturing, Tests, Transportation, Maintenance and 3D Manufacturing. Contributed to Esteban Solar Car Project, NYCT’s R179 Subway cars amongst other projects.

Farming at the family farm Ben Wever Farm and CSG Horsemanship, rotational grazing of cows, sheep, horses, experimenting with mushrooms, composts, agroforestry, bees and much more.

What projects you work on,
Outside of regular farming activities and a full time job…
Current focus is on operating/Automating a Drum Composter as part of our Waste Management as well as implementing an ASP Composting system.

What skills/tools/resources you can bring to GOAT,
Well rounded engineering skills and technical knowledge, project management, across products lifecycles.

Probably not as much time as I’d like to but open to help in whatever capacity.

Fair understanding of small farm operations and their challenges.

Why openness in ag is important to you
Openness is key to innovations, the ability to be exposed, dive deep, toy with tools and concepts is what allows for integration and uses of tech into our lives at scale.
It allows for a more empowered and democratized approach to adoption to the benefits of the many.

Agriculture as a core activity for communities to strive. Openness can be a powerful tool for farms and communities to face the challenges of our times.


Greetings from downstate, @piege! :wave:t2:

If you haven’t already come across them, you might be interested in Farm Hack, which @lizb is currently working to reboot:

And there’s a community call happening today at noon (Eastern), if you want to say hello there and this reaches you in time (starting just a little over an hour from when I’m posting).

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I was planning on joining the call. I will also look into farmhack. thanks!

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