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I’m André Rocha (@steam228) from Portugal, currently living in a small village near the Atlantic (approx 100km north of lisbon) and working as a professor at the Polytechnic of Lisbon. As a designer and design professor, I’ve been interested in open and distributed design when applied to several areas. Over the last ten years, I’ve been especially interested in the different faces of what is or can be Open Source Agriculture and how it can contribute and be disseminated among more traditional smallholder farming communities. My PhD process started through a more tech-centric approach (and I’m still very interested in all open-source hardware) and is approaching the end by looking at a more cultural (autoethnographic) perspective.
Long story short, I’ve investigated (and played with) many sensor networks / IoT tech, and I’m interested in doing so. Still, I’m mainly interested in your take (projects, references, etc.) on how this can overcome the resistance of “traditional” aged farming communities and how it can impact digital/technological literacy among them



Hello Everyone, Nice to meet with you all, I am a fullstackdev, having 20+ years of experience.


I’m Thomas Hoy from Philadelphia. I will be graduating from Arcadia University with a bachelors degree in Computer Science and a minor in Food Studies & Environmental Sustainability. I have interests in open-source projects and currently working on an automated plant care system for my senior capstone project. (GitHub - TheThomasHoy/Osmo: Osmo is an autonomous and modular plant care system equipped with sensors and powered by Raspberry Pi.). When I am not at school I work as a cook and farm hand for a restaurant/farm based in Pennsylvania. As someone who is entering the work force I am open to any and all job recommendations in the cross-disciplines of agriculture, food, and technology.



Hello, my name is Mike Brunt, I was born in the UK and now live in Eugene OR, USA via New Zealand. It was just after IBM released the PC that I became avidly interested in technology and got more deeply involved as the Web emerged.

In 2014 I passed a Permaculture Design Course attaining a PDC and prior to this, in my time in New Zealand I had become very involved in regenerative horticulture. In 2015 I became very interested in blockchain technologies, with the emergence of Ethereum, in fact.

Currently I have three main projects, one in particular, THEDAOScape just released an MVP app which is a community DAO (distributed autonomous organization) and I wondered if anyone else here is doing work on DAO’s?

There is more information here on this here.


Hello, my name is Luciano Delfino. I greet you from the city of Santa Fe, Argentina.

I am increasingly passionate about spaces, movements, and initiatives that aim to create diverse shared networks that generate synergies to transform what exists into more loving, harmonious, diverse, participatory, creative, democratic, and equitable versions.

That’s why I’m here introducing myself to the community!

On my part, I am recently discovering and harnessing my entrepreneurial qualities by driving a project called NUoMI. It is connected to the open-source/hardware movement, urban agriculture, agroecology, and regeneration. It is strongly linked to creating spaces to promote STEAM/STEM education, “family” urban gardens, exchange spaces, among others.

We are in an initial stage, shaping various aspects of the project as much as we can.

I hope we continue to promote these spaces and initiatives.

My contact information is:

A warm embrace!

Version Español:

Hola, me llamo Luciano Delfino. Les saludo desde la ciudad de Santa Fe, Argentina.

Me apasionan cada vez mas espacios, movimientos e iniciativas que se orientan a generar redes compartidas diversas que crean sinergias para transformar lo que existen en versiones mas amorosas, armónicas, diversas, participativas, creativas, democráticas y equitativas.

Por eso estoy aquí presentándome ante la comunidad!

Por mi parte, estoy recientemente descubriendo y explotando mis cualidades emprendedoras impulsando un proyecto llamado NUoMI. Vinculado al movimiento open source/hardware, agricultura urbana, agroecológica y regenerativa. Fuertemente vinculado con generar espacios para fomentar la educación STEAM/STEM, huertas “familiares” urbanas, espacios de intercambio, entre otras.

Estamos en una etapa inicial dando forma a varios aspectos del proyecto en la medida en que podemos.

Deseo que sigamos impulsando estos espacios e iniciativas.

Mis datos de contacto son:

Un fuerte abrazo!