Rebooting farmhack

In December Greenhorns got funding to hire a Farmhack Fellow.
from the job listing:
The US Farm Hack board of advisors has instigated a reboot with support from 11th Hour Project and are hiring for a FARM HACK FELLOW starting in December 2023. This position is the central point for the re-organization and revival of the US Farm Hack project, as informed by the meet-up of Tech Sovereignty movements in Rome in 2023, and with support from a wide network of advisors and collaborators.

It would be great to keep GOAT and FARMHACK closer than spiritual siblings… Maybe the next GOAT could be at the far tip of the US in Pembrooke Maine where the Greenhorns have dug in.


Hi! I have recently signed on with Greenhorns as the new Farm Hack Fellow. I am very excited to be here and to dive into helping to revitalize this community. One of my first areas of focus is to go through the archive of tool contributions and forum posts to see what has been submitted so far, and to identify tools that I think are worth promoting and exploring further. I will be working with farmers, builders, students, and other interested parties to develop workshops, presentations, manuals, and new tool designs. I am looking for inspiration from the existing Farm Hack network, GOATech, CARÉ in Quebec, and l’Atelier Paysan in France.

If anyone has any suggestions for designs that they were particularly excited about and want to see highlighted, or subjects that they want to see workshops built around, or ideas that need more development, or any other input, please let me know.


Welcome, @lizb! We’re having our monthly GOAT Community Call Feb 21 (third Wed of every month) at 9am PT, 12pm ET. Would you be able to make it? If so, perhaps we can do a collective brain dump of whatever folks know that’s going on in the ag hardware space in recent years. @julietnpn, @gbathree, or @paul121 might have some other ideas.

The other day @sezuco posted in the OpenTEAM Matrix room about this group designing open source mobile chicken coops that might be relevant:

It’s being led by a former apprentice at Wolfe’s Neck Center, so maybe you’re already familiar or in touch w/ someone there, but if not, I’m sure someone could connect you. Somewhat relatedly, a friend of mine from the Skywoman community open sourced the CAD drawings and parts lists for a chicken enclosure he designed with input from the poultry farmers channel in the Skywoman Discord.

Oh! Also @donblair is working on some cool farm sensor projects these days as Edge Collective.

💫 Bonus Fun Fact! 💫

Years ago a coworker of mine from GrowNYC attended an event where there some Farm Hack folks were tabling. They told me about it and I checked out the website and saw this cool project called farmOS. I started haunting the GitHub issue queue and so began my whole journey into the world of farmOS, GOAT, OpenTEAM, etc. So I’m very glad to see it getting a new lease on life!


Yeah I can make it to that call on Feb 21. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Thanks for the links! I am aware of Wolfe’s Neck Center but I haven’t reached out yet. It is definitely on the list of connections to make.


Hi Liz! I work at Wolfe’s Neck Center, supporting facilitation of the OpenTEAM community. Feel free to shoot me an email at


Not sure if this was shared elsewhere on the forum, but Farm Hack, via @lizb, is gathering revival ideas with this survey.

Check out the survey and again, welcome @lizb and :wave: @donblair!


Hey People.

I recently gave a talk at Southeast Linuxfest essentially as a clarion call, letting people know that Farm Hack was getting a reboot. I gave an overview of what I could with my limited expertise as a person with a farm management past, electrical contracting current and FOSS utilization at home future.

We got a Southeast GOAT subcategory going on and will be contributing healthily as the months go on. @lizb @qrkourier @mstenta

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