Virtual Happy Hour(s)

Hey everyone,

In preparation for the GOAT 2022 Conference in Rhinebeck, NY, the other organizers and I thought it could be helpful to host some virtual happy hour events to address any questions attendees might have, coordinate travel plans, lodging and other logistics, and just get to know one another a little better in advance.

I’m going to host the first one at, on Thu, Sep 1 @ 11pm UTC.

If people are interested in scheduling additional times, comment below, otherwise we hope to see you there!

I missed it :frowning:
Anyone interesting in doing another?


Should we do something on Friday to get this party started???

How about 3pm East Coast time on Friday at this amazing place (Edited so we can see Jamie’s face!): ?

Seems early for us West Coasties to start partying, but then again !!

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3pm eastern works for me! However, does not work w/ my camera lately. I don’t mind that too awful bad, but if it’s no difference to anyone else, we can use this again:

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