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Hey everyone!

This is your one-stop guide for participating here on the forum before, during and after the GOAT 2022 Conference in Rhinebeck, NY. We’ll update this periodically as more events are planned, but comment below if you’re having trouble finding something.

Before the Conference

  • GOAT 2022 Introductions: Whether this is your first GOAT event or you’re old :tophat:, come introduce yourself, update everyone on what you’ve been up to, and tell us a little about what you hope to get out of the conference.
  • Virtual Happy Hour(s): Join the organizers and other GOAT 2022 attendees to ask questions, coordinate logistics, and get to know one another before we meet face-to-face. Scheduled dates below, with more to come:
    • Thu, Sep 1 @ 11pm UTC
    • ???
  • Team & Group Activities: The last two days of the conference (Thursday and Friday) are designated for co-working. This time is for attendees to start working on actionable items inspired by the conference or enabled by the conference because we are all co-located! To reduce conflicts, we would like you to let us know in advance if you intend hosting a meeting or activity.
  • Getting around New York City & the Hudson Valley: Some tips for using public transit between the main airports in the NYC metro area (JFK, LGA & EWR) and the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Also some suggestions for getting around the city and a space to coordinating meet-ups there before and after the conference.

During the Conference

After the Conference

  • Shared Drive (GOAT2022-PUBLIC): Upload photos and other conference artifacts here so they can be compiled and shared more broadly.
  • Keep the conversation going here! Open a new topic on your post-conference revelations, comment on other people’s topics, look for other attendees you never got a chance to follow-up with in-person, propose a meetup in your region, propose a virtual meetup on Jitsi, the possibilities are endless!!!

The shared google drive

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