West Coast (or Western North America) GOAT

There are several West Coast-ish GOATs here at the 2022 conference (and some more who are not here) who would love to think about organizing a regional gathering. Maybe reply to this thread if that might describe you, and let’s get that going!

It’s okay to wait til after the conference to start planning and organizing if you need to - we can follow the advice from a book in the Ram Dass Library and Be Here Now. This can just be one way to express your interest.


One of the mountain west people interested! It seems like a lot of us could converge around the Great Basin, but particularly cool to hear about possible, specific locations (including GOATers farms/properties) !

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Hi all! Stealing an idea from the NE GOAT thread: West Coast (or Western N.A.) GOAT — Felt

We can all add our personal locations here (with a :goat:) and ideas for locations (with a :deciduous_tree:)

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@anna I put mine on the map. Is there a way to see a list of pins so we can hop from pin to pin and not zoom all the way out?