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Hi guys - i’ve had a quick go at drafting an outline for the programme for the three days. No real content yet but just the framework… check it out here:

In summary what i was trying to do was:

  • Propose a skeleton framework for the programme
    • Create space for 4 project work streams
    • Suggest timings, venues and venue capacities
    • Create streams devoted to
      • Skillshares/seminars
      • Open space
    • Underline opportunity to
      • Reproduce FH (one of the skill shares)
      • Reflect on the process
      • Forward planning/next steps

Hope that makes sense - feel free to edit/suggest changes directly into the document (there a comment feature which might be useful for this)


Hey Chris,

Thanks for doing that, looks great.

Was wondering if you’ve had any thoughts about budget for program related stuff?

I’m thinking travel or material costs that we may want to cover for people providing stuff for the program. This could get quite big if we are going to cover travel for people for people coming from further away.

Theres the potential to cover a lot of the expenses via grant funding, but we need to get a draft budget together in the next couple of days, in order to put in an application to the fund we we have been looking at.


Brief meeting minutes from today’s meeting:

Key action points:

  • CM to continue reaching out to experienced hackers for advice on collective tool development/design - ALL - IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO HAS DONE THIS PLEASE GET IN TOUCH
  • CM to draft communication to ‘project leads’ - starting conversation about material/process needs; reminder of FH ethos/approach
  • ALL - next meeting in two weeks - GH[?] - to set up on dudle? (@RaggedStaff)


Hello Darren and Chris,

Sorry I haven’t been involved up until now but would like to be much more proactive from now on.
So as promised I will start to list some workshop ideas to get an idea of what we would like to see;

hot wire bed cutter
charcoal making
rocket stove construction
traditional greenbroom bed making
geodome construction
making a cob oven
making a dehydrator
solar hot water workshop
pond digging and pumping water with solar pv
foraging walk
fungi walk

there’s a few ideas to be going on with…

i might contact off-grid to see if they know of anyone at a loose end to do a workshop.
there is also hardwick estate who may have some ideas.