Finance group Farm Hack Thames Valley 2019

This is the organising space for the finance group.

We talked about using online collaborative spreadsheets that are free/libre open source software (FLOSS), there are a few options.

Ethercalc is one simple choice - which can be accessed and edited by anyone who knows the link to the spreadsheet. This link can be complex/random and pretty unguessable or something simple and easily memorable.

There are lots of places hosting ethercalc, I’d suggest we use the service at - the Allmende/ crew work with many European agroecological projects and share our values.

Alternatively there are a few options that are possible via nextcloud with collabora or onlyoffice, which provide the option to have access control. This option is possibly more complex than we need - but I can probably organise something if we decide we require it.


Thank you Darren. Ethercalc on Allmende is fine for our needs. I’ve started a really basic budget - can everyone help me populate it? Here’s the link:

Fundraising: I am up for doing some work on this. I have posted some questions we need to figure out before I can get started - in the Riot room, so we don’t overload the space here. Are people happy using that platform?

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Hey all,

I have a rough budget for hosting to share.Would be good to get some feed back.
I have copied it below as I’m not sure how ro attach items!

All the best


Farm Hack 2019 Budget:

Friday evening-Casual:
Saturday-Breakfast,Lunch and dinner:
Sunday-Breakfast and leftovers for lunch:

Chefs and sous chefs Friday eve, Saturday and Sunday afternoon:

£160 for chef 1.(min over three days)
£160 for chef 2.(min)
£60 for sous chef 1.
£60 sous chef 2?


£40 tea,coffee,milk etc
£10 extras for washing up (sponges,scourers,liquid etc)
£200 for base foods from SUMA or similar.(min)
£150 for extra veg, spices, oils, breads etc…

-£780 total.

A large amount of the food will come from the farm (nearly all veg) and we generally do not cook meat as it is just simpler to keep things veggie or vegan.
I will try and source some food for free from Unicorn grocery or similar but would not rely on this.

This is a base minimum for around 60 people and in the past we have gone over.
For this reason I would say a budget between £900 and £1050 would be safest.
This means we can pay the chef(s) more if necessary or allow for more food if we have extra people at the event.
If the ‘safety net’ budget is not spent we are happy to reimburse the funds…
The majority of the cooking may be done prior to the event…In this case I will have to reconsider the budget for chefs slightly.

Other Costs: Marquee rental: £100
2 X Large Straw bales(pee):£50
Extra cost safety net: £200

I am looking to source a few large marquees for the event.
I expect we will have to pay a small rent for one of these.

Grand total:Approx £1130.00 (£200 safety net)

Hope this makes sense and please feel free to give feed back.

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Nice one Larry, I’ve put your figures in the spreadsheet

You, or anyone else can alter or add things there if anything changes